Light Rods at dusk (photo by the author)

Friday — Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

The Jeep was loaded and waiting on the trailer Friday morning. The motorhome rolled out by 7:30 AM, headed east toward St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

Lynette and I left early because there was a report of wind that afternoon. If you know Eastern Idaho at all, it’s always windy. So when the weather calls for extra wind, you plan ahead.

After a six-hour drive, we were not disappointed in the wind. Sometimes, the weather gets over-hyped and doesn’t deliver. This was not one of those times.

When I got to the campground, I have no idea how fast it was…

Coos Bay, OR

This campground, RZR, and pop-up were my home for a week during UTV Takeover (photo by the author).

Have you ever had a vacation so fun, and did so much with it, that you needed a vacation from your vacation when you got home? That’s how my last week went.

I know I had fun. I know I worked each day from 8:00 AM to about 11:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. I know I met more people than I can remember. I know that I drove my RZR in the dunes A LOT.

The UTV Takeover in Coos Bay, Oregon, was a blast. Whip It Light Rods had a booth on Vendor Row and I was there…

The Rocket Run requires Whip It Light Rods and rock lights (Photo by the author)

About 10 years ago, Chuck Coble told me a story from his motorcycle days in the 70’s. He and his buddies would go out into the desert at night and one of them would go hide. That person would shoot up a flare or a rocket and everyone else would race to see who could be the first one to find the person. Then somebody else would take a turn. As Chuck told the story, it became apparent that they were lucky to have lived through some of those nights. It sounded like an awesome time!

I couldn’t get this…

When I became a member of Idaho Off Road, I bet 80% of the members were into rock crawling. There were tons of lifted, locked Jeeps and buggies with V8s and it seemed that everybody enjoyed it. All I wanted to do was get my Jeep ready for rocks.

Now, 12 years or so later, there are only a handful of people in our club that want to run rocks. I get it; it’s hard to put $50,000 JKs and JLs on rocks where they could get scratched. But I still want to get people hooked on the rock like…

Saturday morning sunrise (photo by the author)

Muti-Club Run, March 25–27, 2021


For this year’s joint club run, Lynette and I were taking James, our grandson, on his first camping and wheeling trip. We over-packed the motorhome because we didn’t know how this was going to go with a three-year-old. To quash the suspense, he did awesomely. No problems. He will just be another kid addicted to camping in the dirt and driving Jeeps. My multi-generational evil plan is well underway.

We left Star about 11:00 AM and took our time getting to the Diff Hanger parking lot. I knew there were going to be some…

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

One of my earliest memories is coming out of my bedroom before sunrise. My dad was hard at work at the center island in the kitchen. He had a blazing fire roaring in the stove, and his tongue stuck slightly out of his mouth as he focused on writing something.

He was making a list. I must have only been two or three at the time, but I can remember being fascinated by what he was doing. It was obviously important — he was the only one up, working away, laser-focused on this list. …

My Jeep on the trailer Friday night, not a care in the world (Photo by the author).

March 13 is my birthday. Last year, the world ended on my birthday — schools canceled, work suspended, no sports, the beginning of this bullshit “new normal.” If you need a review of how shitty last year was, here is the story I wrote about March 2020.

So besides the normal, existential feeling of getting another year older and all that entails when you are over the age of 21, I had a lot of pressure on this year, 2021, to be a better day.

Not this year, Buttercup! March 13 was going to be different. It was a Saturday…

Shiny, flashy, LED light rods (Photo by the author)

I’ve been bad at blogging. My goal after football season was to publish once a week, and I had done well since November.

The last month or so, I have completely failed.

I do think I have a good reason, or at least an excuse, so I thought I would write about that today.

It all started with shiny, flashy, LED light rods.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted an LED antenna for my Jeep. I mainly wanted it for running the sand dunes at night. The last few trips to the sand dunes, I have had some…

From left to right, Gabe, mine, Harvey, and Howard’s Jeep (Photo by the author)

January 31, 2021

Gabe, Howard, Harvey, and I met to run some rocks. The wind chill was brutal and Harvey and I joked in the parking lot about how smart we were to leave our doors on for today. We decided to run Gatekeepers and then Meatgrinder and Dirty Little Secret.

Once headed up Reynolds Creek Road with the trailers, I was amazed at how many side by sides were out. Here we were, a pretty cold Saturday weekend in January, and Hemingway Butte was packed. There was a butt for every seat. The population growth and explosion of side…

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

“I’m sure glad I have a brand new, 10” LED lightbar sitting on my workbench,” I grumbled out loud to myself. I knew it was bright as hell because I had hooked it up once to my Jeep’s battery, and I remembered how blindingly bright it had been, which, at the moment, would have been a monumental improvement to my crappy situation.

After riding my quad to the top of the steep hill in the pitch-black moonless night, I was convinced I had taken a wrong turn somewhere. I stared at my gas gauge and trip odometer and attempted some…

Nathan White

A high school English teacher/football coach with a Jeeping problem.

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